Man who lost whole family in the Kemerovo fire to found his own media

Man who lost whole family in the Kemerovo fire to found his own media
Igor Voskrikov

Vostrikov announced the search for employees on his page in VKontakte social network.

A resident of Kemerovo, Igor Vostrikov, who lost his wife, three children and his sister in a fire at Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center, announced the search for employees for his own media. He published the corresponding announcement on his page in social network VKontakte.

Vostrikov said that "to create a media outlet," he needs a copywriter, content manager, moderator and video editor. Employees must live in Kemerovo, Vostrikov promised to help nonresidents with the move. He also remarked that each of the potential employees will be "checked".

"The FSB should not worry. We will check everyone," Vostrikov penned.

The Kemerovo resident also published a video in which he told how the idea to create his own media appeared. In the video, Vostrikov says that Russian television "dulls" and "absorbs your life," and the pieces of news broadcast have nothing to do with reality. Vostrikov called the TV broadcasting policy "zombification" and "propaganda" and called for boycotting state-run television channels.

In his media, Vostrikov plans to tackle drug addiction, alcoholism, loans and other issues, which, in his opinion, really worry the Russians. "We must amend the situation. So send videos, we will watch them," - said the man.

Earlier, Vostrikov, along with the mother of the deceased spouse, filmed a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he lashed the state of affairs in the Emergencies Ministry and expressed discontent with the system in which "corrupt and unprofessional people" serve. The Kemerovo citizen contended that everyone is to blame for the tragedy at Zimnyaya Vishnya - regional and city officials, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, policemen and doctors. According to him, Russia needs "radical changes" and a "new Constitution". Vostrikov also said that "the government laughs at ordinary people", and therefore indifferent citizens should create groups in social networks to discuss pressing matters.

The fire in shopping center Zimnyaya Vishnya, in which Vostrikov lost his family, occurred on March, 25. 64 people became victims of the fire, including 41 children. In the criminal cases opened after the fire, 8 people were detained, including the Technical Director of the shopping center, the former Head of the Kemerovo State Construction Supervision Service, the General Director of company controlling the mall - Kemerovo Confectionery Plant OJSC, the manager of the shopping center, the Head and an employee of company System Integrator, which was in charge of the fire alarm in Zimnyaya Vishnya, the security guard of a private security company, who, according to the investigation, turned off the warning system, as well as the fire brigade commander involved in extinguishing the fire.



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