Man who killed two persons takes a selfie with corpse and accidentally shows it to police

Man who killed two persons takes a selfie with corpse and accidentally shows it to police

The criminal dropped his phone with a terrible picture.

In the Komi Republic, a man who killed two people has been sentenced to 20 years.

On October 6, 2018, a resident of Vorkuta and his friend were consuming alcohol. The men had a quarrel, during which the guest grabbed a knife and hit the other man in the stomach several times, the Republic’s prosecutor’s office said on its website.

The victim died on the spot. After that, the killer stuck four knives in the neck of his victim, took a selfie with the corpse on the background, and then took the victim's phone and household appliances from the apartment and fled.

On the same day, the man stabbed a casual passer-by in the center of Vorkuta due to “a sudden hostility.” He also stole his phone.

“Despite the lack of direct eyewitnesses to the crimes committed, the accused was immediately caught, because after the second murder and theft, he went to one of the restaurants in Vorkuta, where he showed pictures and videos taken from the place of the first murder to visitors. Taking some more alcohol, he began to behave inappropriately, so a police squad detained him and took him to a police station.

At the police station, a mobile phone fell out of his pocket; it was not blocked, so police officers saw the picture of a murdered man on the screen. When asked who this was, a Vorkuta resident said that this person was no longer alive,” the prosecutor's office reports.

The Supreme Court of the Republic found the suspect guilty of committing crimes under item ‘a’ part 2 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code (Murder of Two or More Persons), item ‘c’ part 2 of Art. 158 (Theft committed with the infliction of considerable damage), and part 1 of Art. 158 (Theft). The murderer was sentenced to 20 years’ rigorous imprisonment.



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