Man who hits shooting range employee has criminal record

Man who hits shooting range employee has criminal record

The victim revealed the name of the hooligan-entrepreneur from Krymsk.

The name of a drunken hooligan who threw an air rifle at the employee of the shooting range is Suren Geloyan; he is renting jet skis out on Anapa beach. Victim Tatyana Fedorova reported this to the police, NTV writes.

“I know these guys; they carry jet skis on the beach. The attacker's name is Suren; the other is his nephew Ashur. We were familiar with them from the very beginning of the season,” said Fedorova.

The woman filed with the police, after which Geloyan proposed a settlement. According to the Baza publication, in 2017 Geloyan lived in Krymsk, where he was convicted over beating. The bully fell under an amnesty and was fined 100 thousand rubles.

According to the card index of the Crimean District Court of the Krasnodar Territory, Geloyan was accused of intentionally inflicting moderate damage to health that is not dangerous to human life (part 1 of Article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The defendant hit Mark Streltsov with his fist in the face. The victim was diagnosed with an open bilateral fracture of the lower jaw and concussion.



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