Man who died in St. Petersburg police department was not alone in cell

Man who died in St. Petersburg police department was not alone in cell
Roman Klychev

A rights defender revealed this to journalists.

Resident of St. Petersburg Rustam Klychev, who allegedly killed himself in the police department No. 23, was not alone in the cell. This is reported by rights defenders Dinar Idrisov on Facebook.

“At the time of suicide committed by strangulation on a cord, there was another detainee in his special premises for detainees, who was allegedly sleeping, without seeing or hearing anything,” Idrisov said.

Klychev died in the police department on February 21. Before that, he was broadcasting a video via VKontakte, telling how he was detained by police officers and showing injuries on his body.

“That’s how a local minion of the law ‘endorsed’ me. For nothing really. For expressing my opinion.” Klychev said.

According to Idrisov, Klychev was brought to the police station after his wife called the police – the man came home drunk, and his wife did not want to let him in, so he started kicking the door. Law enforcers who arrived on the scene saw signs of an offense under part 2 of Art. 20.1 of the Russian Administrative Code (Minor Hooliganism) in Klychev’s actions.

“He resisted during the detention, so the police officers used physical force without special means. He was taken to the department without cuffs, which allowed him to stream a live broadcast, showing the bumps and bruises he got during detention,” Idrisov said.

After Klychev’s death in the police department, the Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg instituted criminal proceedings under part 2 of Art. 293 of the Russian Criminal Code (Neglect of Duty, which has involved by negligence the infliction of major damage to human health or the death of a person).



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