Man tortured in Dagestan after conflict between his family and security forces officers

Man tortured in Dagestan after conflict between his family and security forces officers

The detainee’s father told about the detention and torture to the media.

In the Dagestani village of Gubden, a local resident Magomedamin Vagabov was arrested in a trumped-up criminal case. Under torture, he was forced to confess to a crime he had not committed, his father Khabib Vagabov told publication Kavkazsky Uzel.

According to Vagabov Sr., his 22-year-old son works in a car service. On January 12, unknown persons approached him and asked to find spare parts. The guy went to fetch the order, and the customers followed him in their car. From CCTV recordings, Khabib Vagabov says, it is clear that his son left the village on his Volkswagen Touareg.

However, back, he was driven already by the customers in their vehicle. Then, for a few days, the young man did not get in touch until relatives found him in Makhachkala prison. There, according to the detainee, he was tortured.

Then, they raided the Vagabovs’ house. The officers first asked everyone to leave, after that they invited the witnesses and pulled out a black knotted package from the pan and, according to Khabib Vagabov, not opening it, they said that there were grenades. The father claims that the officers planted them. Now, his son is being prosecuted under Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal trafficking of ammunition) and Art. 222.1 of the Criminal Code (illegal circulation of explosives).

According to the relatives, the arrest of Vagabov, Jr. is connected with the conflict between the family and a local security official. A few months before the detention of Magomedamin Vagabov, this security forces officer came to their home and asked his father and son to repair the transmission of his car. Khabib Vagabov refused to do that. After that, the father says, the officer began to act against his family.



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