Man stabbed ex-wife to death in parking lot in Shchelkovo, Moscow region 

Man stabbed ex-wife to death in parking lot in Shchelkovo, Moscow region
The victim Photo: Ren TV

A woman, after breaking up, took the house, and a man lived in a rented apartment, and therefore was in conflict with her. According to another version, the massacre occurred due to jealousy.

In Shchelkovo, a 47-year-old man stabbed his 41-year-old former spouse in the parking lot of a hypermarket, REN TV informs. The killer struck the victim about nine wounds, three of which were in the region of the heart. The woman died on the spot.

According to some versions, the reprisal occurred because of a property conflict: the woman allegedly took a house from a man after breaking up, and he had to live in a rented apartment. According to other data, the murder took place out of jealousy, after the victim went to another man.

The moment of the murder was caught by the surveillance camera. The footage shows how the man knocks the victim to the ground and inflicts several hand strokes on her.

The attacker was detained by officers of the Schelkovo Private Security Department. A criminal case on Murder was initiated against him (Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). During the interrogation, the man admitted his guilt. In the near future, the question of his arrest will be considered.

Video - Brutal murder in Moscow region



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