Man records investigator's confession on MIA set-ups

Man records investigator's confession on MIA set-ups
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During a car ride, a dashcam accidently recorded a policeman's confession that someone had planted drugs on a Lukhovitsy resident after his brawl with CID officers.

Moscow suburban police has been shaken with yet another scandal - this time we have a revelation by Viktor Kannunikov, an alleged investigator of the Luhovicy's Department of Internal Affairs, who shared how dummy criminal cases are generally made.

When talking to a friend who had picked him up, Kanunnikov complained at how much his work is different from what is usually taught in the MIA school.

"You see, I still have to investigate the case and bring it to trial, even though deep down I know the drugs have been planted. If I don’t do that, someone else will. I'm just doing my job", the investigator said.

The conversation concerned the case of Aleksandr Vankov, a previously convicted man of 42. This May he had a fight with the local Criminal Investigation Department officers in a cafe.

After a couple of weeks, a dozen of Spetznaz officers grabbed Vankov, knocked him to the ground, and then recorded before witnesses the fact of taking a package with drugs from his pocket. After that they took him to the police car, saying it was not a good idea to mess with CID officers.

"They told me then he shouldn't have messed with CID officers, insulting them at that cafe", the investigator continues on the record. Well, now I have to cover them".

Yury Pozdnyakov who was behind the wheel, rather taken aback by the story of the CID revenge, tried to find the detained man's lawyer. Even though corruption in the local law enforcement agencies is not something unheard of, a direct revelation like that was a little too much.

"We are not living in the 90's where people would plant drugs just like that. After I passed the video, I was threatened by a Road Patrol Service officer over the phone; I was told they were even going to kill me",Yury Pozdnyakov said. So what, should I get all scared to death? I believe that any criminal, even one with shoulder straps, should go to jail".

Stalina Gurevich, Vankov's lawyer, seeks to hold the investigator Kanunnikov accountable.

"If an investigator knows that a crime was committed (such as drugs planted), he has to write a report and tell the story to the management. The investigator on the other hand is acting quite differently, as he knows the man is innocent and yet he continues the investigation", the lawyer told Life, Of course, I will insist on dropping all the charges against my client and initiating a new case for false evidence".

Meanwhile, Victor Kannunikov took the disclosure surprisingly well without rejecting or confirming the information.

"There are no set-ups. You could share anything really. Even if it is being recorded, what does it matter? I record things all the time, people tell me a lot of things. I tell a lot of things too, what does it matter?" Kannunikov said in a telephone interview with Life.



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