Man murdered by Transcaucasians was Moscow businessman 

Man murdered by Transcaucasians was Moscow businessman
The body found on a private garden space near Moscow

A married couple and their 27-year-old son from the Caucasus have been involved in the abduction and murder of the entrepreneur. Siloviki managed to detain the mother and the son, while the head of the family has been put on the wanted list.

The murdered man in the suburbs, whose body law enforcement officers found buried near a detached house, was a 52-year-old Moscow entrepreneur.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, yesterday, the siloviki reported an arrest of two natives of Transcaucasia, a 47-year-old woman and her 27-year-old son suspected of kidnapping and killing a man. As it turned out, the father had also been involved in the crime. The man is currently on the wanted list.

As the investigators have established, the family kidnapped the businessman to chase up a debt of an unspecified amount. The Transcaucasians had thought it through: they rented a house with land in Korolev, bought a car and cell phones to discuss their plans. On May 30, the family tracked down the entrepreneur in Moscow. First he was hit with an electric shock, and then taken to the suburban detached house in a car. They were trying to get a ransom from the businessman’s family, making violent threats.

The relatives failed to come to an agreement with the criminals and turned to the law enforcement. However, while the police were searching for the businessman, the criminals decided to dispose of him. The investigators tracked the kidnappers via CCTV cameras and found the house with land where the victim's body had been buried 3.5 meters deep. The likely cause of the death was a closed craniocerebral trauma from a blow on the head with a metal pipe.



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