Man convicted of attempt on Kadyrov’s life detained for killing crime lord after ‘Neolit showdown’

Man convicted of attempt on Kadyrov’s life detained for killing crime lord after ‘Neolit showdown’
Lors Khamiev at the court hearing of the case of the attempt on Ramzan Kadyrov in 2009

A native of Grozny Lors Khamiev, who has served several years for preparing an attempt on Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, has been arrested by court along with another defendant. They have already been charged with the murder of Azerbaijani Garib Orudzhev during the night of February 15.

There has been an unexpected turn in the mass brawl in the Neolit cafe in the southeast of Moscow. A 35-year-old Chechen man, Lors Khamiev, who was sentenced to 8 years’ rigorous imprisonment for preparing an attempt on Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in 2009, has been detained on suspicion of committing the murder of a native of Azerbaijan (who had a reputation of a crime lord among his countrymen, Rosbalt reports) on Samarkand Boulevard. This happened after a VAZ 2107 stuffed with explosives was discovered in Moscow on the eve of the Victory Day parade. However, a number of rights defenders and social activist organizations who followed the trial believe it was a frame-up.

As reported by Moskovsky Komsomolets referring to a source in law enforcement bodies, siloviki detained Khamiev along with five other suspects in murder on the road to Rostov-on-Don.

Some sources say Khamiev used to be a member of crime groups. He and another Chechen native, 33-year-old Khamid Dzhabrailov, have been charged with Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code (Murder Committed by a Group of Persons Based on National or Religious Hatred). February 19, the Kuzminsky Court of Moscow arrested both of them.

The future of three other detainees will be decided the other day. The court extended their detention for 72 hours. Earlier, Mediazona and TASS, citing the lawyer of Dagestan blogger Alibek Mirzekhanov, Shamil Yandarbayev, reported that he was first detained on suspicion of hooliganism during a fight in Neolit cafe, released 72 hours later and again detained as a suspect in terrorism. The FSB investigators petition for the election of a preventive measure in the form of custody.

To recap, on the night of February 15, a few dozen masked and armed Chechens broke into Neolit cafe in 1st Kuryanovskaya Street (the establishment is considered to be the meeting place of the Azerbaijani diaspora) and initiated a massive fight with shooting. The attackers even resisted law enforcement officers - two policemen were injured during their detention - as a result, more than 25 people were detained, most of them natives of Chechnya. A few hours later, unknown persons fatally shot 52-year-old Garib Orudzhev on Samarkandsky Avenue.

The investigation is confident, notes MK, that the murder on Samarkandsky Avenue and the skirmish in Neolit cafe are links of one chain. Earlier it was reported that the conflict began due to the fact that a Chechen named Alikhan insulted Azerbaijanis on the Internet. According to Rosbalt, the rude fellow was caught, taken in the trunk to Orudzhev, where he was being beaten for several hours and periodically forced to apologize for the record, after which one of the records was posted on the Internet.

As a result, several immigrants from Chechnya in Moscow contacted the natives of Azerbaijan and called them to a huddle in Neolit on the evening of February 14. They were joined by Chechens from other regions of Russia that wanted to punish the offenders of their compatriot.

Meanwhile, two days ago, representatives of the Chechen and Azerbaijani diasporas discussed the loud incident at the President Hotel. Azerbaijani Ambassador Polad Byul-Byul ogly and State Duma deputy from Chechnya Adam Delimkhanov participated in the talks. The parties came to the conclusion that the conflict between Azerbaijanis and Chechens in Moscow was provoked by "third forces."




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