Mamayev's father apologizes for behavior of his son

Mamayev's father apologizes for behavior of his son
Konstantin Mamayev

Earlier, the father and part-time agent of the FC Krasnodar midfielder reacted to the antics of his son and his friend Alexander Kokorin in a completely different way - saying that “no one should worry about how a person spends his vacation.”

Footballer Pavel Mamayev's father and agent Konstantin Mamayev apologized for his son’s behavior, saying that there was no justification for the tragedy on October 8 in Moscow.

According to Konstantin Mamayev, it was a “good lesson,” he said in an interview with NTV.

“Not a day, two, three ago. It is now when emotions have paled into insignificance, and an assessment of what has happened emerges within the framework of the investigation,” said Mamayev Sr.

He also noted that the son understands how boorish it was.

“I asked him: «Did I show you that? Why did you do it?» He keeps silence. He has no explanation. He understands that they acted in a boorish way. They had no moral or physical right. They had no right to behave in such a way!” Konstantin Mamayev eloquently described his emotions.

He also said that he had previously called on Pavel not to spend time in entertainment establishments with Zenit player Alexander Kokorin.

It is worth noting that on October 10, Konstantin Mamayev reacted to the initiation of a criminal case against his son in a completely different way. The recording of this conversation was published in the Mutko vs. Telegram channel.

Mamayev Sr., who was brought to justice for robbery in the 1990s, explained to an unknown interlocutor that people have not worried about how a person spends his vacation. In his opinion, everyone who criticized them should be ashamed of the fact that they are ready to stab a “knife in the back.”

On October 11, Russian footballers Kokorin and Mamayev were arrested before December 8 on charges of beating Denis Pak, the head of one of the departments of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and TV presenter Olga Ushakova's driver Vitaly Solovchuk on October 8 in the center of Moscow. Two criminal cases over beatings (Article 116 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) were initiated. Investigation of cases is conducted by the State Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. As reported by, if the clubs of the athletes breach contracts with them, Kokorin and Mamayev could lose two and a half million euros. Currently, the players are in the quarantine block of the Moscow Butyrka SIZO, where human rights defenders of the Moscow PMC visited them the day before. The prisoners have no complaints about the food, try to get used to the food of prisoners.

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