Mamaev’s wife says he cheated with Bonya

Mamaev’s wife says he cheated with Bonya
Mamaev's wife in court

Alana Mamaeva said on Instagram that her husband had been cheating on her a lot.

The Tverskoy court extended the detention of the players, Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, after which the wife of the latter made a confession to her Instagram followers.

The woman tearfully said that the rumors about their divorce were there for a reason: the couple was thinking about breaking up because Mamaev cheated on her a lot. Alana Mamaeva also claims that the fight with the TV presenter’s driver was about one of the football player’s girlfriends.

Mamaeva says that she knows about a certain Alexandra Fomina her husband slept with. In addition, the jealous spouse is sure that the footballer had a relationship with Viktoria Bonya. Upon learning about the allegations, the latter called Alana a psychopath.

“Apparently, she is a total psycho, and also thinks too much of her husband. I am friends with Sasha (Alexander Kokorin, - ed.) and I came to support him. Mamaev’s wife should be taking better care of her children rather than going to another surgeon,” Bonya wrote on her page.



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