Mamaev’s father says son had to “party hard” to take his mind off hectic schedule

Mamaev’s father says son had to “party hard” to take his mind off hectic schedule
Konstantin Mamaev Photo: Screenshot from a video

Mamaev Sr. also said that he had told his son to spend less time with Alexander Kokorin a number of times.

The father of football player Pavel Mamaev told reporters why his son had been seen at so many outrageous events. He said his son’s tight schedule is the first reason, and the bad influence of his friend, Alexander Kokorin, is the other.

Mamaev Sr. believes that all football players have to “party hard” since they have lived between home, practice and the game since they were five or six years old. So whenever they have a chance to break away from the routine, they go for it and sometimes they just cross the line.

 “That’s how I see it: whenever they have a day off, they party hard. They don’t have time to grow up,” quotes Mamaev as saying.

In addition, the athlete’s father said that the player Alexander Kokorin had a bad influence on Pavel, and Mamaev Sr. has told his son a number of times that he should not spend so much time with his friend.

Earlier, Mamaev’s father and agent apologized for the October 8 fights involving the athlete.

Alexander Kokorin, his brother Kirill and friend Pavel Mamaev are in custody charged with hooliganism after the players had celebrated their 10-year friendship anniversary by beating the driver of a Channel One host in a parking lot in the heart of Moscow, and then coming to a café and attacking Denis Pak, an official of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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