Mamaev’s father: Burn in hell, you ***! Shame on you!

Mamaev’s father: Burn in hell, you ***! Shame on you!
Kokorin and Mamayev

Konstantin Mamayev, the father of the disgraced football player, has commented on his son’s behavior.

The father of Krasnodar football club player Pavel Mamayev, who has had some fun in Moscow the other day by beating several people, has first commented on the situation surrounding his son.

It is not known who the footballer’s father and his sports agent Konstantin Mamayev is taking to, but his very emotional message is that the story is being intentionally hyped.

Using quite a bunch of curse words, Mamayev Jr. says that it is nobody’s business how a person spends their vacation. He believes that all, who have had their hand in stirring the pot, should be ashamed of wanting to stick a knife in the back for the misconduct of “a regular Russian guy who is earning money.”

This conversation appeared in the Telegram channel Mutko protiv:

“They don't need to *** lie.

I talked to Khashig (Vladimir Khashig, the director general of Krasnodar football club) yesterday, and he told us to *** off.

I said, what the *** are you doing? What the *** is this, you ***?

The *** Monte Carlo thing! What on earth is this ***?

Who *** cares, the man was on vacation. Who *** cares what they’re doing?

You ***! Shame on you!

You’ll burn in hell, ***! That’s what I have to say, got it?

Spread my words to all the *** — a regular Russian guy earns money, but as soon as he *** does something wrong, each of you is ready to *** stick a knife in his back! You’re inhumans!

As previously reported by, Kokorin and Mamayev may lose 5.5 million euros if their clubs break contracts with them without paying compensation after the attack on the driver of the Channel One and the official of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It is known that Krasnodar has already submitted a corresponding application to the Russian Football Union, and Zenit is inclined to the same decision.

To recall, Kokorin and Mamayev attacked people in the center of Moscow in the morning of October 8. In the company of friends, the footballers first beat the driver of Channel One’s Olga Ushakova, Vitaly Solovchuk, who made them a remark for noisy behavior, and then attacked the Ministry of Industry and Trade official Denis Pak. Two criminal cases of beating (Art. 116 of the Russian Criminal Code) have been initiated. The MIA Main Investigations Directorate in Moscow is in charge of the case.



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