Mamaev and victims in criminal case shake hands

Mamaev and victims in criminal case shake hands
Pavel Mamaev

Footballer offered Gaysin and Solovchuk reconciliation, Pak has no complaints.

Krasnodar FC midfielder Pavel Mamaev, during a confrontation with the victims, offered FSUE NAMI CEO Sergey Gaysin and driver Vitaly Solovchuk reconciliation. They parted, having shaked hands. The third victim, Trade Ministry official Denis Pak, has no complaints against Mamaev, the football player’s lawyer Igor Bushmanov reported.

“Pak said that Mamaev was not involved in the assault and did not hear any insults from him,” the footballer’s defender states.

When the fight began, Mamaev allegedly sat at the table aside. According to the lawyer, Mamaev “considers his act immoral” and is ready to cover the damage.

Mamaev, Alexander and Kirill Kokorin and Alexander Protasovitsky are in quarantine cells of a pre-trial detention facility where they have been put by the court ruling. The remaining friends of the players are witnesses in the case.



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