Mamaev and Kokorin allowed to cut Olivier salad, listen to President’s speech on New Year's Eve in jail

Mamaev and Kokorin allowed to cut Olivier salad, listen to President’s speech on New Year's Eve in jail
Alexander Kokorin did not part with his favorite salad in Dubai, where in recent years he celebrated the New Year holiday. He brought it with him in a container

Football players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, who are under arrest, will be allowed to cook Olivier salad for the New Year's table in jail.

The fact that it is technically possible, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda told the responsible secretary of the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission, Ivan Melnikov.

There are no Santas with gifts and performances in jail, of course, said Melnikov. Champagne, like any other alcohol is also prohibited. Therefore, of all the New Year’s attributes, usual for Russians, the prisoners have only tangerines and Russian salad.

According to him, if the athletes really want a traditional New Year's salad, express such a desire, then relatives or friends can give them potatoes and carrots. Sausage, pickles, mayonnaise and boiled eggs can be bought in the online shop of the Federal Penitentiary Service. The main problem is canned green peas – products in iron cans cannot be transferred to the jail, and they are not produced in soft packages.

It is possible to boil vegetables in a basin with an immersion heater, and cut with the help of safe knives, which are specifically for holiday occasions issued to prisoners by the investigators, said Melnikov.

Recall Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev are now in double cells. The cellmates of both friends are businessmen involved in fraud cases. According to Melnikov, if there is a desire to feast with a traditional Olivier salad, football players and their comrades in misfortune can easily try to cook it themselves.

Meanwhile, if one wish, one can order himself a VIP menu for the New Year. The dishes can be cooked in the kitchen of the contracting company working with FPS and delivered to the cell.

The menu is almost like in restaurant and the prices match it. For example, sea bass, fried (1000 gr.) – 2,087 rubles ($30), roasted duck (1200 gr.) – 2,675 rubles ($40), meatloaf with egg and greens (700 gr.) – 980 rubles ($15).

Relatives are trying to give the prisoners more goods in order to somehow brighten up the time in the cell. It is allowed to transfer in total no more than 30 kg a month.

The human rights activist also said that on New Year's Eve, the management of the jail usually makes an exception in relation to the curfew at 10 pm and allows the defendants to watch the President’s congratulations on TV at midnight.

The fact that Kokorin and Mamaev will celebrate the New Year in the jail, became known on December 5. On this day, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow extended the term of being in jail for the footballers accused of beatings and hooliganism until 8 February. Kokorin and Mamaev were arrested on October 11. According to investigators, on the morning of October 8, they attacked the driver of Channel One, Vitaly Solovchuk, at the Pekin Hotel, after which the Ministry of Industry and Trade officials Denis Pak and Sergey Gaisin were beaten up in a cafe nearby. Initially, a criminal case was initiated under Beating (Art. 116 of the Russian Criminal Code). Later, Hooliganism by prior conspiracy was added to the charge (part 2 of Art. 213). The court also arrested the brother of Alexander Kokorin, Kirill, and the fourth participant of the fight – Alexander Protasovitsky.



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