Makhachkala: three unknown who killed police officer wanted

Makhachkala: three unknown who killed police officer wanted

The Dagestani law enforcement bodies are searching for three suspects in infliction of multiple gunshot wounds to the police officer in one of the city's cafes.

According to Life, all involved in this incident are established. To police posts orientation in three young people suspected of a crime was directed.

The incident took place the previous day in the capital of Dagestan on Abubakarov street near the house number 110. The source told the newspaper that in the course of the conflict a few shots from a gun of unknown sample were fired in the police officer in the cafe. He was hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds.

Suspects Gamzat S., born in 1996, Murad A., born in 1986, Ruslan M., born in 1995. are sought by law enforcement agencies of the Republic. The orientation stated that they can move on a white Ford Focus, black Lada Priora or black Toyota Prada.

Earlier TASS reported that a belligerent, who then revealed to be the policeman, with gunshot wounds was hospitalized.



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