Makhachkala: police officer beat subordinate at work

Makhachkala: police officer beat subordinate at work

In Makhachkala, a police officer complained that the boss beat him at the workplace.⁠

According to injured employee of the temporary detention center (IVS) Imran Kurbanaliev, the incident occurred on April 23 at 8:30 am. During the morning guard mounting, the officer addressed him in rude form in the presence of witnesses, and then lammed into.

"He tried to dump me on the floor and began to hit me on the head with his fists, while using obscene language," Kurbanaliev said. According to him, the reason for the conflict was an official check, which was conducted against him. At the same time, Kurbanaliev added that he did not know what exactly was the reason for the conflict.

The battered employee of the IVS called a police squad and reported the incident. After that, the incoming operatives took explanations from both parties to the conflict.

According to Imran Kurbanaliev, he intended to register traces, but he was not allowed to leave the job, keeping him there until the next day with a headache. On April 25, he was summoned to the service in order to get wise to his own dismissal. The official reason for his resignation is the fact that he "repeatedly wrangled with his superiors".

At the same time, Imran Kurbanaliev himself does not agree with this statement. He insists that his colleagues became witnesses of the incident with the chief.

On April 27 Imran Kurbanaliev and his lawyer of the Krasnodar Collegium of Lawyers Elena Denisenko filed an application in the of the republican ICR and asked to verify information about the crime committed, as well as to initiate a criminal case under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Exceeding Official Powers).

In addition, on April 28, Elena Denisenko sent an appeal to the investigator with a request to provide footages from the IVS surveillance cameras for examination. According to her, the petition must be considered within three days.



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