Makhachkala Mayor's son to face trial

Makhachkala Mayor's son to face trial
Makhachkala Mayor Musa Musaev

Badrudin Musaev is accused of violence and insulting a public official, once arranged a brawl with traffic police inspectors.⁠

The Prosecutor's Office confirmed the indictment on the criminal case against the son of the Makhachkala Mayor Badrudin Musaev, who is suspected of assaulting a police officer. It is reported by the press service of the Dagestani Prosecutor's Office. Soon, it will be removed to the Sovetsky District Court of Makhachkala.

Musaev Jr. is charged under articles Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power and Insult of a Representative of Power (part 2 of Art. 318 and Art. 319).

At night, May 31, 2016, at one of the crossroads in the center of the Dagestani capital Musayev Jr. was drifting on his Mersedes-Benz in full view of the police. Then the pursuit began. When the Mayor's son was stopped, he with his friends made a scuffle with law enforcement officers. He inflicted medium severity injuries on the police officer.

Immediately after the incident, participants of the conflict, including Musaev, were taken to the police station, but all were soon released. As the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic explained that the article was not so grave that it was necessary to detain attackers. Later, one of the participants Datsi Hazamov was arrested. He is currently under house arrest. He is also under investigation.

With respect to Musaev the ICR tried to open a criminal case three times. For the first time it was canceled, however, after carried out checks it was initiated again. Second time, prosecutors motivated the cancellation of proceedings by the fact that "no one may bear double criminal responsibility for one and the same crime". Both times cases were opened under Art. 318 of the Criminal Code (Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power), upon which he could face up to 10 years in prison. In addition, the Article 319 of the Criminal Code (Insult of a Representative of Power) was added.

Investigators have twice appealed to the court for the election a preventive measure in the form of arrest to 22-year-old Musaev, but the Prosecutor asked the court not to place the son of the Mayor in custody. The court granted the petition. The Prosecutor did not appear at the second hearing and the preventive measure was not chosen.

Musaev claims to be "a witness to this situation", and due to the fact that he is the son of the Mayor the story received such resonance.



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