Major crimes investigator’s relatives think it’s contract killing 

Major crimes investigator’s relatives think it’s contract killing
Crime’s spot

Evgenia Shishkina conducted the investigation of the loud criminal cases. She was profound and persistent in investigating crimes, her relatives said.

Oleg Shishkin, the spouse of the murdered investigator for priority cases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Evgenia Shishkina, was supposed to be next to his wife during the murder. Shishkin told this the Mash Telegram channel.

In the morning, the couple had to leave the house and reached the car, but Oleg lingered for a couple of minutes - turned off the lights and closed the door. On the way from the entrance to the parking lot, Evgenia Shishkina caught two killer’s bullets: one in the chest area, the other in the neck.

“She was dying on my arms,” said Oleg Shishkin.

The husband and his sister are sure that the crime was registered. Oleg Shishkin suggested that the murder was masterminded by "one of the wards" of the investigator.


Evgenia Shishkina

“A moral person, persistent, honest, proved her truth,” the spouse’s sister described Evgenia Shishkina.

As The CrimeRussia has previously written, at 7 am on Wednesday, October 10, Evgenia Shishkina was shot dead in the village of Arkhangelskoye near Moscow. Investigators initiated a criminal case under part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder).

In January of this year, Shishkina survived the assassination. On the night of January 13-14, unidentified persons set her Lexus on fire. During the investigation of the attempt, information about the case that Shishkina reviewed appeared. She investigated the transportation of a large consignment of drugs on the railway, detained the suspect, and then, according to the Mash Telegram channel, extorted money for termination the case. The fact of abuse of official powers is not confirmed.

Evgenia Shishkina was the Lieutenant Colonel of Justice and worked as a senior investigator for priority cases of the investigative unit of the Transport Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry in the Central Federal District.

Shishkina conducted high-profile investigations related to economic crimes and fraud. According to open sources, the investigator uncovered a group of fraudsters who earned hundreds of thousands of rubles on train ticket scams in 2013.



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