Main person of interest in case of Boeing shot down over Donbas responds to accusations

Main person of interest in case of Boeing shot down over Donbas responds to accusations
Sergey Dubinsky

The former head of the DPR counterintelligence dismissed his involvement in the tragedy and called the investigation politicized.

The key person of interest in the case of the Boeing MH-17 shot over Donbas, Sergey Dubinsky, refused to cooperate with the investigation and refuted his involvement in the plane crash. The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) believes that Dubinsky played a major role in organizing the transportation of the Buk missile from Donetsk to the village of Snezhnoye. The Russian called the version ridiculous and noted that even “the Malaysian prime minister pointed to the politicization of the investigation.”

“Any person who has at least something to do with the army will tell you that the head of counterintelligence, who is in charge of transportation, and even more combat use [of the Buk], is something from fiction. This is in crazy,” Dubinsky said in a conversation with a journalist from the BBC Russian Service.

The Russian noted that after the plane crash he was brought three of the four “black boxes,” which he sent to the Chairman of the DPR Council of Ministers Alexander Boroday. “If I were a villain, I had every opportunity to destroy them,” Dubinsky stressed. The former head of the DPR counterintelligence noted that he was not near the Buk on the day of the tragedy, which is confirmed by the billing of his phone. 

“I personally or anyone who I know, didn’t give any orders to anyone about the hitting aerial targets on July 17,” Dubinsky assured, commenting on the accusations against his former subordinates Oleg Pulatov and Leonid Kharchenko. In addition, according to Dubinsky, the head of counterintelligence of the unrecognized republic could not command the Russian Armed Forces. However, the investigators claim that the Buk that shot down the plane belonged to the Kursk 53rd air defense brigade of the Russian Armed Forces.

The JIT calls recordings of telephone conversations intercepted by the SBU as one of the main proofs of Dubinsky’s involvement in the tragedy. In them, on the day of the crash, Dubinsky allegedly discusses with other militias the arrival of the Buk in Donetsk and instructs them to send an air defense system in the direction of Snezhnoye with a column of tanks from the Vostok brigade. In the afternoon, Dubinsky said that he was in Marinovka, a village south of Snezhnoye: “Grad is hammering constantly, only now there is a pause. We hit a plane hereas well, a ‘sushka.’ We have Buk-M, we got it.” Bellingсat believes that Boeing was confused with the ‘sushka.’   

It is to be recalled that during the crash of the Boeing in the summer of 2014, all passengers and crew members, 298 people in total, died. The JIT named the first four suspects who were put on the international wanted list: Sergey Dubinsky, Oleg Pulatov, Igor Strelkov, and Leonid Kharchenko.

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