Magnitogorsk: acquaintance of people who died in burnt GAZelle in winter detained 

Magnitogorsk: acquaintance of people who died in burnt GAZelle in winter detained
Burnt GAZelle Photo: Social networks

Askhab Abaev’s father says he was taken to a local Federal Security Service Directorate in Chelyabinsk.

Askhab (Vadim) Abaev has been detained in Magnitogorsk. He was an acquaintance of 3 persons who had died in a burnt GAZelle vehicle on January 1, reports with reference to a father of the detainee Sergey Abaev.

In January, Askhab Abaev told he had been an acquaintance of Makhmud Jumaev, Almir Abitov and Alisher Kaimov who had allegedly died in the burnt vehicle on January 1.

Abaev’s father said that in late March, a few law enforcers wearing masks carried out searches in his son’s apartment. In Sergey Abaev’s words, his spouse was told that Askhab had had drugs. 


Deceased in GAZelle

Later, Abaev’s mother was told that her son had been taken to a local Federal Security Service Directorate in Chelyabinsk. The parents are not allowed to meet their son, however deliveries are being accepted. According to, at the present time, Abaev is in a remand prison of the regional Federal Security Service Directorate.

It was also reported that in early January, officers of the Special Police Force detained another alleged acquaintance of the deceased in GAZelle, however nothing is known about him. It is also being stated that law enforcers are searching for Almir Abitov’s younger brother - Arsen Seynatfiev. There’s no information on him being wanted on MIA’s database.

Baza Telegram channel reported that in mid March, drivers of a route taxi Yuldash Moydinov and Farkhod Akhmedov had gone missing in Magnitogorsk. Their colleagues said they had been acquainted with the deceased, as well.

Moydinov’s spouse says that after she had filed the missing report, police officers arrived in her place and said he was in the Federal Security Service Directorate in Chelyabinsk. According to the channel, he was arrested for drug possession (article 228 of Russia’s Criminal Code). reported in January that owner of the car Makhmud Jumaev and citizen of Chelyabinsk region’s settlement of Kirsa Almir Abitov could have died in the GAZelle. Baza channel reported about the third deceased - Alisher Kaimov.

On December 31, 2018, entrance hall of a 9-storey building collapsed following explosion. 39 persons died. The investigation theory is that the incident was caused by explosion of domestic gas.

On January 1, GAZelle was burnt 3 km from the collapsed building. MIA tied the incident to breakdown of the vehicle’s gas kit. The media office of Governor of Chelyabinsk region reported about 3 victims, however, there’s no official information on their identities. and reported that both incidents could have terrorism acts. In late January, terror organization ISIS claimed its responsibility for both explosions. Nevertheless, the Investigative Committee of Russia state there are no traces of explosives at the entrance hall. The Committee called not to trust reports by terror organizations.



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