Mafia oversees singer Iosif Kobzon's grave 

Mafia oversees singer Iosif Kobzon's grave
The grave of Iosif Kobzon at Vostryakovskoe Cemetery

The news of the death of People's Artist and State Duma deputy Iosif Kobzon on August 30, 2018, caused a loud resonance in Russia and abroad. Moreover, not everyone who commented on the death of the singer spoke about Kobzon in a positive way.

The public had fears that haters of Kobzon may dismantle his grave after the funeral, VistaNews edition writes. Despite the fact that the Vostryakovskoe cemetery, where the artist was buried with military honors on September 2, there is a regular guard, the risk of hooliganism is still high.

However, the day before it became known that two unknown people are secretly watching the artist's grave. The men hit the amateur’s footage, published on YouTube. At the 1st minute, two people who are attending the burial of Kobzon appeared. Internet users have already expressed an opinion that the mafia is looking after the grave of Kobzon.

According to some reports, many representatives of the criminal environment treated Kobzon with great respect, in connection with which they could take the protection of the burial place of the singer. According to Mash, a few days after the singer's death, the mobs held their secret farewell ceremony with the singer.

Recall that Iosif Kobzon repeatedly refuted any relations with the underworld, wondering why he was persistently considered the mafia member. However, the FBI accused the singer of mafia relations, and the US embassy refused to grant him a visa.

Meanwhile, The CrimeRussia has repeatedly published photos from dashing 90's, on which the artist with thieves in law and criminal authorities is captured. It is known that Kobzon was friends with Otari Kvantrishvili, Alimzhan Tokhtohunov (Taivanchik), Vyacheslav Ivankov (Yaponchik) and some other people accused of ties with the crime.



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