MADI was giving out thousands of forged diplomas  

MADI was giving out thousands of forged diplomas
The Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University (MADI)

Documents gave to librarians and engineers the right to deliver lectures for future lawyers.

The former Acting MADI Rector Vitaly Borsch and the former MADI Vice-Rector Maria Karelina issued about a thousand bogus diplomas. This was announced after an internal review of the university. The Acting Rector Marina Dulyasova asked the Savelovsky district Prosecutor's Office to assess the legality of the actions of her predecessor.

According to Kommersant, earlier, specialists of the Moscow Regional Union of Lawyers addressed the present management of the university with doubts about the professionalism of the Legal regulation of customs and transport Department professors.

Among other things, the lawyers paid attention to the fact that subjects such as Customs procedures, economic potential of the customs territory of Russia, Foreign Economic Activity, Declaration of the goods to the future lawyers are taught by the people with diplomas of a mechanical engineer, librarian-bibliographer, manager etc.

During the internal review of the university, it was also found that some MADI professors were given diplomas of the Institute of Further Training (IPK – the structural unit of MADI) without the necessary procedures - passing end-of-term tests and certifications. According to the MADI employees, in 2015-2016 the IPK could have given more than a thousand fake diplomas which gave the right to teach. The inspectors estimated the damage from the actions of Borsch and Karelina at 50 million rubles.

The process of such training in a statement to the Prosecutor's Office Marina Dulyasova calls profanation.

At that, MADI tends to believe that the violations had no corrupt nature, but are connected with the fact that in April 2016 in the University the Rosobrnadzor check took place.

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The former University management knew that a part of MADI professors were unfit for their positions and had no right to teach. That is why the former Acting MADI Rector Vitaly Borsch and the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Maria Karelina organized illegal registration and issuance of fictitious diplomas, the university officials say.

In its address to the Prosecutor-General’s Office, the current MADI management requested a Prosecutor's check and to give a legal assessment of the actions of the former Rector and Vice-Rector. If Borsch and Karelin will be brought to criminal responsibility, the institution is ready to be the injured party.

The IPK Director Andrei Bulba in his explanations already told the checking authorities that he signed the certificates under pressure and threats by the former management of the University.



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