Lukoil’s Vice-President threatened the policemen, after the incident with his son

Lukoil’s Vice-President threatened the policemen, after the incident with his son
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The top manager of the Lukoil oil company Azat Shamsuarov threatened to call the head of MIA, if they did not leave his son Ruslan alone and not "forget a little misunderstanding," which had happened to him.

It is to be recalled that on 28th of May, the Gagarin Court of Moscow sentenced Ruslan Shamsuarov to administrative confinement for 15 days for disobeying a lawful order of a police officer. Earlier, on 22nd of May, a group of young men in Ruslan’s SUV provoked a "race" with the police in Moscow. The violators of traffic rules were hiding from the law enforcement not only on the roads, but also in yards, sidewalks and playgrounds. The police managed to stop them only after 5 hours of chasing.

According to the Life source, after the incident with his son,  top manager of the Lukoil  Azat Shamsuarov began to threaten the police, stating that he would call the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev if they continue to try to stop his son Ruslan. The media reported that the vice president of the oil company decided to go to such extremities after negotiations with the police, who came to the capital's elite clinic, did not reach the planned goals. It is noteworthy, that Azat Shamsuarov called the incident with his son "a little misunderstanding," and demanded that security officials "forgot" about it.

As a result, the police had to call two squads of Russian Special Police Force as reinforcements. After this, Azat Shamsuarov had no choice but deliver his son up to justice. It should be noted that the negotiation lasted for 4 hours, from 2 to 6 am overnight.

Besides, the Gagarin Court of Moscow has sentenced Ruslan Shamsuarov to an administrative confinement for 15 days. However, earlier it was also reported that the Prosecutor's Office dropped the criminal charges against the young man.



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