"Look, his leg is swelling." Video of prisoner being cruelly tortured in Yaroslavl jail made public 

"Look, his leg is swelling." Video of prisoner being cruelly tortured in Yaroslavl jail made public
Photo: A still from the video

About a dozen FSIN officers are seen beating and then pouring water on the man.

Novaya Gazeta has published a video featuring Evgeny Makarov, an inmate of the Yaroslavl prison No. 1, being cruelly tortured. Human rights activists from the Public Verdict Foundation provided the footage.

The video was filmed on a portable recorder of a FSIN officer. All FSIN employees have to carry a video recorder with them at all times, under a recent order.

The video lasts 10 minutes. About ten colony employees are shown beating a man on the table with rubber truncheons the whole time.

The prisoner is beaten with rubber truncheons in his feet and different parts of the tibia; the man is screaming and begging for mercy. Several times during the video, the man is poured water on from a bucket; it is getting on his head and feet.

"Look, his leg is swelling," one of the officers is heard saying.

"Yeah, I’ve got my hands swollen myself!" is the answer.

After several minutes of beating on the table, Makarov is put on his knees on the floor and gets beaten on his face. A man in a black T-shirt asks why he had called him a "red dog." The victim apologizes but says those were not the words he had used. The prisoner is put on the table again, and the black T-shirt starts hitting him with his fists aiming at the heels.

Novaya Gazeta also publishes a list of the colony's employees who are alleged to have participated in the tortures.

This is not the first time Evgeny Makarov has become a victim of beatings in the Yaroslavl prison. In April 2017, he, Ivan Nepomnyashchikh and Ruslan Vakhapov, who were also serving time in the prison, spoke about elaborate tortures and frequent stays in the punitive confinement.

Makarov was beaten again a few months later, and the FSIN claimed the beating was lawful since the prisoner showed resistance.


After that, Makarov was moved to the prison IK-8, where he was beaten and placed in a cell-like room "for frequent complaints". According to the Public Verdict, the prisoner’s legs and buttocks were bruised; he was getting rape threats. In December 2017, the European Court of Human Rights ordered the Russian authorities to conduct an independent medical examination of Makarov.



However, Russia said there was no reason to initiate a case since the prisoner had been trying to harm himself. Meanwhile, the lawyer was not allowed to visit Makarov for days after the last incident on June 29.

Video: (18+) Video proof of jail officers torturing inmate 



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