London police completed check on death of cash reformer in Russia

London police completed check on death of cash reformer in Russia
Vladimir Shcherbakov

According to investigators, businessman Vladimir Shcherbakov hanged himself on his own belt.⁠

The London police have finished checking the circumstances of the death of Russian businessman Vladimir Shcherbakov. According to British law enforcement officers, the businessman hanged himself on his own belt of crocodile skin. This is reported by Mash.

London experts also checked the version of the possible murder of Shcherbakov, but there was no confirmation of this. Experts have not found signs of violent death of the businessman and have already sent the results of the examination to their colleagues in Moscow.

Recall that Vladimir Shcherbakov was declared internationally wanted in the case of the withdrawal of 10 billion rubles ($165m) by dint of forged documents as part of the organized group in the case of the BVA Bank.

Earlier, State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Andrey Lugovoy spoke about the actual monopolization of the cash registers market in connection with the new reform. The only company that received a license from the FSB to produce such equipment was the company RIK. According to the parliamentarian, it was Shcherbakov who was the beneficiary of the company, and, consequently, the only authorized producer of drives in the country. Lugovoy noted that the price at which RIC offers cash registers exceeds their real value by 10 times.



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