Locals repeatedly complain about cafe where scuffle occurred due to mobsters’ gatherings 

Locals repeatedly complain about cafe where scuffle occurred due to mobsters’ gatherings
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The locals believe the cafe became a venue for conventions of the criminal world’s representatives.

Citizens of the apartment building located near Rayskaya trapeza cafe on Moscow’s Leninsky prospect where the night before shooting occurred had complained about the place and contacted law enforcement before.

According to REN TV, the locals said the cafe was often visited by suspicious parties who carry out criminal ‘conventions’ in the place.

Citizen of an apartment building located on 86, Leninsky prospect said the cafe employees attacked him when he was shooting a video on health code violation in spring, this year: clouds of stifling smoke were always spreading around the cafe. When he was shooting the video, the cafe’s frequenters approached him and manhandled. Stanislav, as he introduced himself, got concussion and damage of soft tissues of the head.

“I’ve met representatives of the criminal world, as well as ‘the high and the mighties’ who are patronizing this place and have transformed this city’s area into a flash-house,” the local says. 



Photos provided by a citizen from the neighbourhood

The night before, scuffle occurred in Rayskaya trapeza cafe and escalated into shooting. Video posted on REN TV web site shows 7 men of Caucasian appearance are sitting at the table and talking. At one point, the conversation enlivens and escalates into a heated argument. Some of the men quickly rise from the table with one of them pulling his gun and starting shooting at those sitting at the opposite table.

According to some reports, there were at least 12 shots. Man aged between 30 and 35 died following the shooting. Perekhvat (interception) operation was proclaimed in the city. Police is searching for 3 vehicles the scuffle’s participants used while escaping from the scene. They took the victim with them.

The Investigative Committee has initiated a criminal case under articles Attempted assassination and Ammunition trafficking



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