Local official does not believe in family poverty of girl that addressed Putin

Local official does not believe in family poverty of girl that addressed Putin
Taisiya Perchikova

A district head of the Pskov region believes that the story of a teenager is farfetched.

Leonid Kursenkov, Head of Sebezhsky district of the Pskov region, commented on the situation around the Perchikovs from the village of Tomsino. Taisiya Perchikova, 12, wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, telling him about the poverty and misery in which she has to live. After the story was widely covered in the media, the girl’s mother said that they were being bullied by fellow villagers.

“90 thousand ($1.4 thousand) allegedly have already been collected. They receive help and everything else. There is the purest scam. Read the story of this mother. Her daughter, left somewhere in a shelter, lives in the Leningrad region. She has an apartment with utilities debt worth 370 thousand [rubles] ($5.7 thousand). She is in deep debts. She is a former private entrepreneur, she was engaged in logistics. Everything is related to this lady,” Telegram channel Baza cites Leonid Kursenkov as saying.

He notes that it is impossible to snub a family having its own car and access to Internet.

According to him, the mother of the girl did not apply to the administration with “any questions,” and social security and other state institutions cannot help the family due to the fact that the Perchikovs are still registered in the Leningrad region, where they moved from. Kursenkov insists that local authorities are not able to help the family in any way, and local residents have already done what they could.

Now, the villagers, outraged by the ingratitude, “are preparing a rebellion,” and “after lunch,” he planned to go “to settle the situation” and “pacify” the population. According to the Head of Sebezhsky district, the reason for the spontaneous gathering is posts in social networks stating that the residents are “so-and-so, have despised the girl.”

To recap, in December 2018, 12-year-old Taisiya Perchikova wrote a letter to the President of Russia, in which she said that her family experienced hardships, and asked Putin to help them purchase a mini-tractor or a walk-behind tractor. The Committee for Social Security of the Pskov region responded that "there is no way" to help.

The ICR called reports about threats to the girl's family a bogus story.



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