Little-known company to be engaged in Crimean shelf development

Little-known company to be engaged in Crimean shelf development
In the development of the Crimean shelf Novye Proekty (New Projects) company will be engaged in

According to media reports, the structure may be associated with Ukrainian oligarch Kucherenko.⁠

Unknown on the oil market company Novye Proekty will develop the Crimean shelf. According to Kommersant, yet in 2015 the structure had not assets and experience in the field of oil production. According to one information, head of company Anton Dornostup is close to the family of Rosnedra former Head Valery Pak, on the other, the firm is connected with Ukrainian businessman Sergey Kucherenko.

According to the portal, in June 2016, Chairman Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Government to issue Novie Proekty a license for 30 years to develop the pioneer well. Now, the company is obliged within 8 years to drill exploration well there. Dornostup has already sent a letter to Rosnedra (Federal Agency on Subsoil Use), in which he expressed the intention to draw up a plan of exploration in this area in 2017.

It is noteworthy that Novye Proekty has already owned a license for land site Glubokaya from 2012 to 2016, when the company came into posession to ex-Deputy Head of Yalta Vitaly Mostovoy from the Ukrainian Fosizons Trade. In May 2016, the structure was bought by JSC Glavnefteservis, belonged to Anton Dornstup; now, he owns 99% of Novye Proekty. Another 1% owned by Oleg Kochagov, who now runs JSC Polyus Logistics, the structure of Said Kerimov's Polus. On the same address with Novye Proekty another company of Dornstup, Rusvell, is registered.

According to the data of Rosstat (Russian Federal State Statistics Service), in 2015 the balance sheet of Novye Proekty was empty. Then the company did not have the assets with the exception of 60 thousand rubles of nominal capital.



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