Little girl Liza's killer taken into custody

Little girl Liza's killer taken into custody

The investigation’s request has been granted.

The court detained Mikhail Tuvatin, accused of the murder of nine-year-old girl Liza Kiseleva.

The investigation’s request for the arrest of the detainee was granted, according to the ICR website.

Liza Kiseleva went missing on October 9. On October 11, her body was found in a garage cooperative located near the house where she lived. A suspect, 35-year-old Mikhail Tuvatin, was arrested. Local residents had a spontaneous rally, demanding to let them lynch the man.

Tuvatin confessed to the murder. The investigation has a video, in which the suspect gets rid of the victim’s belongings. According to the detainee, he illegally settled in someone else's garage and was afraid of being exposed after the girl saw him. Tuvatin is a multiple offender. He had been convicted of theft, hooliganism, rape, robbery, and harassment of a 12-year-old girl.

Employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service intercepted a kite of crime lords who called for reprisal against Tuvatin. Law enforcement agencies secretly transported the accused man from Saratov to neighboring Engels.



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