List of 37 prisoners to be exchanged between Russia and Ukraine

List of 37 prisoners to be exchanged between Russia and Ukraine

Chief Editor of RIA Novosti Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky is not on the list.

There are 12 Russian citizens on the list of prisoners to be exchanged between Russia and Ukraine, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports.

At the same time, Ruslan Gadzhiev has not been delivered to the collection point of persons planned for exchange, his lawyer Valenting Rybin told TASS.

Chief Editor of RIA Novosti Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky and witness in the case of Boeing flight МН17 crash Vladimir Tsemakh are not on the list either.

1. Viktor Aleksandrovich Ageev, DOB 13.09.1995, Russian Federation.

2. Aleksandr Vyacheslavovich Baranov, DOB 11.08.1983, Russian Federation.

3. Aslan Mezhitovich Baskhanov, DOB 06.04.1966, Lugansk.

4. Alyona Grigoryevna Bobova, DOB 26.04.1972, Odessa.

5. Andrey Sergeevich Vaskovsky, DOB 25.12.1991, Kyiv.

6. Ruslan Dzhupalaevich Gadzhiev, DOB 10.02.1973, Russian Federation, removed from list.

7. Vladimir Alekseevich Galichiy, DOB 18.01.1948, Russian Federation

8. Sergey Sergeevich Gnatyev, DOB 13.04.1988, Russian Federation, Sevastopol.

9. Anna Valeryevna Dubenko, DOB 18.08.1982, released in 2017, lives in Bakhmut.

10. Stanislav Stanislavovich Ezhov, DOB 22.06.1978, Russian Federation.

11. Arkady Yuryevich Zhidkikh, DOB 09.11.1967, Russian Federation.

12. Igor Vladimirovich Kimakovsky, DOB 28.04.1972, Russian Federation.

13. Olga Valeryevna Kovalis, DOB 07.08.1968, Russian Federation.

14. Sergey Nikolaevich Kovernik, DOB 16.02.1978, previously released.

15. Dmitry Evstafyevich Korenovsky, DOB 18.03.1972.

16. Andrey Sergeevich Kostenko, DOB 18.09.1984.

17. Aleksey Aleksandrovich Lazarenko, DOB 13.10.1985.

18. Sergey Aleksandrovich Lazarev, DOB 07.05.1957.

19. Yury Nikolaevich Lomako, DOB 04.02.1961.

20. Pyotr Nikolaevich Melnichyuk, DOB 12.07.1972, Moldova.

21. Evgeny Igorevich Mefyodov, DOB 22.05.1983, Russian Federation.

22. Maksim Evgenyevich Odintsov, DOB 25.04.1983, Russian Federation.

23. Yulia Vadimovna Prosolova, DOB 13.02.1988.

24. Aleksandr Sergeevich Rakushin, DOB 19.03.1963.

25. Antonina Petrovna Radionova, DOB 06.09.1969.

26. Aleksandr Valeryevich Sattarov, DOB 28.12.1980.

27. Aleksey Sergeevich Sedikov, DOB 10.10.1979, Russian Federation.

28. Taras Petrovich Sinichak, DOB 24.06.1977.

29. Aleksandr Sergeevich Tarasenko, DOB 10.07.1970.

30. Andrey Aleksandrovich Tretyakov, DOB 18.10.1973, exchanged on 27.12.2017.

31. Viktor Andreevich Fyodorov, DOB 18.07.1969.

32. Denis Vasilyevich Khitrov, DOB 28.04.1977.

33. Pavel Sergeevich Chernykh, DOB 04.08.1974, Russian Federation.

34. Valery Valeryevich Pikalov, DOB 19.07.1975, Russian Federation.

35. Olga Vladimirovna Rudaya, DOB 27.07.1972, Ukraine.

36. Nikolay Nikolaevich Eremin, DOB 22.08.1961, Rubezhnoe, Lugansk region.

37. Sergey Gennadyevich Egorov, DOB 03.10.1980, Russian Federation.

It was previously reported that buses with Ukrainian prisoners had left Lefortovo pre-trial detention center and headed for the airport.

At the end of summer, Moscow and Kyiv began negotiations on the issue of the simultaneous release of convicted and detained persons. It was reported that the exchange will take place according to the “33-33” formula, but their number later increased to 35.

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