Liquidators of GTA gang to be rewarded?

Liquidators of GTA gang to be rewarded?
Sergey Melikov

The First Deputy Director of Rosgvardia, Colonel-General Sergey Melikov, said that thanks to coordinated actions of employees of all law enforcement agencies, members of the GTA gang failed to escape from the Moscow Regional Courts’s building.⁠

Last Saturday in the program Vesti. Dezhurnaya chast’ on the TV channel Russia 24 Sergey Melikov said that law enforcement officers were able to prevent the terrible consequences of a possible escape of criminals.

He added that the decision on the initial actions aimed at neutralizing the gang members was taken by the commander of the Special Designation Police Detachment from Sergiev Posad. He dispersed his employees, and interacting with the escort unit, which was in the building of the Moscow Tribunal, took measures to neutralize the bandits who could seize the gun from the escort.

"From the moment the elevator door was opened, the fighters of the first line, opened fire to defeat those bandits, who had weapons in their hands, and neutralized them in the first place," Melikov added.

He also stressed that the commander-in-chief of the troops of the National Guard expressed gratitude to all the siloviki involved in resolving the incident at the Moscow Regional Court.

According to Sergey Melikov, in order to present the participants of the operation to state awards, it is necessary to obtain an official confirmation of the lawfulness of the actions of the siloviki.

"When we get such a conclusion, we are already ready for the fact that, probably, it will be necessary to implement measures that will lead to the awarding of our employees with state awards," Melikov said on air.

Recall, as the CrimeRussia previously reported, on August 1, five defendants in the case of the GTA gang, attacked two policemen, who escorted them, and took away their weapons and made a shootout in the building of the Moscow Regional Court.

During the incident, the siloviki, who were in the building of the court, liquidated three criminals. At the same time, five people were wounded, among them two members of a criminal gang, policeman and Rosgvardia.



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