Lipetsk region: Traffic police officer charged with protection of drunk driver

Lipetsk region: Traffic police officer charged with protection of drunk driver

In the Lipetsk region, a traffic police officer is charged with abuse of official powers (part 1 of Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code).

Experts from the regional ICR Investigations Directorate have completed investigation against the traffic police officer, who had been illegally protecting a drunk driver.

According to the investigators, in the evening of May 2 last year, a drunk resident of the Chaplyginsky district hit two 15-year-old teenagers when driving VAZ-2114 in the territory of the Yusovo village.

After the accident, the driver was sent for medical examination accompanied by a traffic police inspector. During the examination, the police officer took the 'patient's' place, acting as a sober person before the doctors. Thus, he managed to mislead the doctors, who issued an incorrect medical report, according to which there was no alcohol in the driver's blood. Acting illegally, the policeman helped the driver avoid criminal responsibility for the road accident with fatalities.

Lies was spotted thanks to the witnesses' testimonies. 'Guardians of order' found out that the person responsible for the accident had already consumed alcohol on that day while relaxing on a river bank. Later the traffic police officer was charged with abuse of official powers, although he never pleaded guilty.

At the moment, the investigation into the criminal case has already been completed; investigators have collected enough evidence to prove the policeman's guilt. All materials of the investigation with the approved indictment have been referred to the court for further consideration on the merits. The policeman faces up to 4 years of imprisonment.



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