Lipetsk police major suspected of raping orphanage children

Lipetsk police major suspected of raping orphanage children

The MIA officer did not act on his own; sometimes his colleagues 'helped' him.

The Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Lipetsk Region opened a criminal case against a police officer who allegedly raped several underage orphanage girls. The Department pointed out that the officer did not act on his own. Some of his colleagues were also involved.

It is worth mentioning the officers were dismissed. They are accused of breaking the articles 133, part 2 (Compulsion to Perform Sexual Actions Committed in respect of a Minor Boy (Minor Girl)) and 132, part 4 (Violent Actions of Sexual Character) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

In the meantime, an inspection began after Angor Davreshiyan published a video on the Internet, according to local media outlets. Davreshiyan is a 29 y. o. fitness trainer from the Town of Gryazi. Some police major "raped 11-15 y. o. children for several years using his position to avoid prosecution. Some of the victims were from orphanages," he claimed in the video. Multiple reports were made to the police, yet no investigation followed, Davreshiyan pointed out.

Interviews with 2 alleged victims of the officer were published to back Davreshiyan’s claims.⁠



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