LinkedIn removed from Russian Apple and Google app stores

LinkedIn removed from Russian Apple and Google app stores

Applications of LinkedIn social networking, blocked in Russia in mid-November by court decision, have been removed from the Russian App Store and Google Play.

RBC notes that overseas community has already noticed that Russians can no longer download the app on iPhone and Android smart phones. For example, according to The New York Times, the inaccessibility of the social network as mobile applications in Russia means that the authorities have the opportunity to achieve their goals by exerting pressure on IT giants.

Apple have confirmed they received a request to remove the LinkedIn application from the Russian App Store a month ago, but failed to announced the company’s further actions. Google have not commented on the application removal, however, the company has expressed full readiness to act within the legislation of the country in which it operates.

Let us recall that the reason for blocking the social network was non-compliance with the law on personal data protection. In August, the Tagansky District Court of Moscow ruled in favor of Roskomnadzor in a lawsuit against LinkedIn Corporation, which the agency accused of processing personal data of Russians without their consent. Roskomnadzor also noted the failure to provide information about the location of Linkedin servers in Russia as one of the reasons for blocking. The social network’s appeal against the verdict was rejected by the Moscow City Court on November 10. A week later, the Russian mobile operators Rostelecom and VimpelCom blocked access to social networking on Roskomnadzor’s prescription.

Amendments to the law ‘On Personal Data’, which require the localization of data in Russia, came into force in September 2015. According to the law requirements, any Russian or foreign company working with Russian users must ensure recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, and clarification of personal data of Russians in Russia.

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