Likely business ring to the Moscow City shootout  

Likely business ring to the Moscow City shootout
Vladislav Doronin

Private Security Company (PSC) Graps-2, whose employees provoked a conflict with the guards of billionaire Gavril Yushvaev in Moscow City, is managed by the second co-owner of Oko tower, Vladislav Doronin.

The network of Gavril Yushvaev (Garik Makhachkala), the co-owner of Oko tower, whose security first opened fire during the shootout in Moscow City, talks about a possible provocation from Vladislav Doronin, the second co-owner of Oko.

As Rosbalt reports referring to its own sources, in the scandalous conflict involving the use of firearms Yushvaev's bodyguards were opposed by the soldiers of Graps-2 PSC, controlled by the second co-owner of Oko, Vladislav Doronin.

According to the source of the publication, there is allegedly a serious conflict related to business between Yushvaev and Doronin.

The bloody incident in Moscow City began after the employees of Graps-2 frowned on the way Yushvaev's limousine was parked. The security guards began to require the driver to move the car in a rude manner and with the use of force. However, the guards of Yushvaev came to assist him. Almost all of them are former and current MMA fighters. A fight broke out between the conflicting parties, which morphed into a shooting.

Meanwhile, as Rosbalt imparts, Yushvaev is not a co-owner of only Oko, but also of Crystal Ballroom restaurant, that is, he came almost to his home. The soldiers of Graps-2 knew perfectly well who owned the car, the source of Rosbalt notes. Despite this, they suddenly decided to brutally have a go at the driver.


Gavril Yushvaev

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, on November 17, the shootout in tower Oko that took place during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of one of the leaders of Izmaylovskaya gang, Dmitry Pavlov, known as Pavlik, resulted in seven people being injured, including two employees of Okhrana FSUE of Rosgvardiya, who guarded 'authority' Pavlov that evening. Two participants in the incident were later arrested by the court. Both of them took part in the shootout on the side of Gavril Yushvaev's security.

According to the source of The CrimeRussia, the birthday party of Pavlov at Crystal Ballroom was attended by thieves in law Sergey Aksenov (Aksen) and Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan, Oleg Ramensky), leader of Podolskaya group Sergey Lalakin dubbed Luchok, known as one of the leaders of Solntsevskaya Sergey Mikhaylov (Mikhas), Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov (Tayvanchik), and other crime bosses and several well-known deputies of the State Duma.

The source of Rosbalt notes that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) is currently conducting interrogations of the guests of the party, which ended in a massacre. According to the first interrogated in the ICR, interrogations last several hours, and 90% of the questions are not related to the shootout, but are directly associated with the activities of those being questioned. In connection with this, Rosbalt reports, the other guests of the "Anniversary among friends" are in no hurry to come to the ICR. Some of them even left Russia for a while. Earlier, REN TV channel reported that this was, in particular, done by billionaire Gavril Yushvaev, whose bodyguards played an active role in the incident.



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