Lieutenants unable to leave Armed Forces begin complaining to Presidential Administration

Lieutenants unable to leave Armed Forces begin complaining to Presidential Administration

On October 25, Novaya Gazeta reported that lieutenants of the Armed Forces had problems with the dismissal on their own volition.

Lieutenant of the Strategic Rocket Forces Yegor Glambotsky filed official complaints with the Presidential Administration addressed to the head of the department for work with civil servants and personnel, Maxim Travnikov, as well as to the Ministry of Defense. He himself informed the Novaya Gazeta about this (the text of the complaints is at the disposal of the editorial office). 

According to the document, the lieutenant unsuccessfully tries to quit the Russian Armed Forces for four months. 

“In August of this year I was registered as an individual entrepreneur – along with the service I am engaged in entrepreneurial activity, which is known to the command, starting from the unit and ending with the Strategic Missile Forces, but the senior command ignores this fact. A probe was launched against me by the 24th Military Prosecutor’s Office which proved the fact of repeated violation of military discipline by me, as well as the fact of engaging in entrepreneurial activity. The military prosecutor’s office twice notified me about this with official letters,” the complaint says. 

Despite this, in October 2019, Glambotsky received a refusal to be dismissed from the Strategic Missile Forces personnel department. Yegor Glambotsky asks for an official decision on his dismissal.

“In the event of an official refusal, I will be forced to file a lawsuit in court in connection with the inaction of the Strategic Missile Forces command, based on the official refusal and the evidence of my guilt that I have. If there is no official decision on the fact of my dismissal, I will be forced to file a complaint with the General Military Prosecutor's Office with a request to conduct an investigation regarding the command of the Strategic Missile Forces on this fact,” the document says. 

It is also noted in the text that this “is far from an isolated case both in the Strategic Missile Forces and in the ranks of the Armed Forces as a whole.”

It is to be recalled that on October 25, Novaya Gazeta reported on the problem in the Armed Forces – lieutenants could not get dismissed at their own request. Novaya managed to find several lieutenants who not only could not quit, but also claimed that this problem was widespread. Their reports, as well as letters to the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Defense, have not received a positive response for years.



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