Deception detection expert on Skripal suspects’ interview: they are probably gays and telling lies

Deception detection expert on Skripal suspects’ interview: they are probably gays and telling lies
Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov Photo: RT Russian service

Ilya Anishchenko: "The question about the bed was the most enormous for Petrov and Boshirov."

On Thursday, September 13, the suspects in the case of the Skripals told that they were not GRU officers, that a monstrous mistake occurred, which affected them significantly. They explained that they went to Salisbury to see the sights since friends advised to do so; they did not have any poisonous substances and did not hear about the Skripals. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office did not take in words of Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov. London still believes that Russians are GRU officers.

MK contacted a lie detection expert, Ilya Anishchenko, who analyzed behavior of the men during their interview.

“First of all, the video is edited well. Therefore, some moments of lies of the main characters are difficult to determine,” Ilya Anischenko stated. “It is not clear, the suspect immediately answers the question, or it is editing? Most likely, the interview was filmed with some markers; everything was carefully prepared. There is a lot of cutting.”

Did you immediately notice the editing?

“In my opinion, the editing is obvious. In some moments it is obvious that the journalist asks the question to one camera, and the interlocutors answer to the other. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether there is a timeline between questions and answers. So, it is impossible to catch the reaction of men to the question. For example, I did not see their reaction to the most important question: "Do you work for the GRU?" At that moment, they showed the journalist, not the men. Then one of the interlocutors asked the journalist a counter question. The question to the question is one of the signs of a lie, but it can also be an embarrassment. All the answers are cleverly composed, I do not have a univocal opinion on these guys.”

Do you think Petrov and Boshirov were prepared for the interview?

“Maybe. In my opinion, the answer to the question about Novichok is edited. There was a too sharp crossfade between the question and the answer. After the question: "Did you have Novichok?” there was a long pause, then the camera shot the suspects. It seems they do not answer with the first take.

Are Petrov and Boshirov gays?

“It’s obvious. Bosharov has a red bandage on his arm, which indicates his homosexuality. When he showed his jacket, I noticed his neat manicure. He has uniform tanning. There were three questions related to their personal life that caused a strong reaction. Petrov strained when they spoke of a double bed in their hotel room. At some point he even got up, leaned his elbows on the table, then sat down again - this is a sign of stress. He had a sweat over his left temple; he began to breathe heavily, licking his lips, which speaks of incredible excitement. Perhaps the story of the bed was the most stressful moment for them.”

Which moments worried them about even more?

“When they said that after this hype people from among their clients were affected. Then one of the interlocutors ran a hand over his swollen forehead. They worried about the customers.”

Any other irregularities?

"I was embarrassed that they did not answer the question "What did you do in Salisbury?" directly. They replied: "Friends advised us to visit this place." Then they fairly told about the snowfall, about their walk, but ignored the request to show photos from there. In general, they did not react to this question. It's strange.”

What can you say about the scent bottle of Nina Ricci?

“According to the reaction to the question, they had a scent bottle. At that moment, they also stiffened.”

So who are they, GRU officers or tourists?

“I do not have a univocal position on their account. GRU employees and gays will carry little conviction. It is obvious that Petrov and Boshirov are suppressing something. But it’s tough to tell whether they are fear for their personal life or work status.”



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