Liberal Democratic Party’s Leonid Slutsky accused of harassment

Liberal Democratic Party’s Leonid Slutsky accused of harassment
Leonid Slutsky Photo: Aleksandr Savin

At least three female journalists have reported on Slutsky’s behavior.

At least three female journalists accuse Head of State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs, Liberal Democratic Party deputy Leonid Slutsky of harassment, Dozhd reports. According to the channel’s parliamentary correspondent Elizaveta Antonova, “the entire State Duma is aware this,” and some journalists even refused to contact him for comments because of this. Antonova noted that she has not been subject to Slutsky’s harassment. She was told about it by colleagues working in the State Duma.

After the broadcast with Antonova, the channel reported that the channel’s editorial office was contacted by a producer of one of the TV channels, who had also faced the indecent behavior of Slutsky. According to her, when he was asked to appear on TV, he would come to the studio only if the girl had dinner with him. In the studio, he tried to kiss her on the lips and touch her buttocks.

Later, another girl contacted the channel on condition of anonymity; she claimed Slutsky had harassed her in her office. The girl had gone there to ask the deputy questions about international politics. According to her, Slutsky “leaned the inside of his hand to her pubis and waved his hand up.” This happened in 2017. After that, the journalist did not communicate with the deputy and avoided him.

Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that he had heard nothing about Leonid Slutsky’s behavior, and promised to look into the situation.



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