LGBT activist threatened with reprisal after Prosecutor General’s Office transferred his data to Chechen MIA

LGBT activist threatened with reprisal after Prosecutor General’s Office transferred his data to Chechen MIA
A single-person picket of Artyom Shitukhin at the residence of the presidential envoy in the North-Caucasian Federal District

The members of homophobic association "Pila" (Saw), who already threatened the activist earlier, are now aware of his whereabouts.

LGBT activist Artyom Shitukhin began to receive threats after his personal data were at the disposal of the MIA of Chechnya. He told about this to Novaya Gazeta.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation transfered the personal data of Shitukhin to the Chechen police. Earlier, in January, the LGBT activist appealed to the supervisory authority regarding other threats. According to him, unknown persons on behalf of the homophobic association Pila threatened him with “hunters from Chechnya.”

After the Prosecutor General’s Office transmitted the activist’s data to the MIA of the Chechen Republic, along with the complaint, the threats demonstrate their awareness. For example, now they know the whereabouts of Shitukhin.

“We know that you are going to march in memory of Nemtsov this Sunday. And we have already prepared a terrible gift for you. Your data is already in the Chechen MIA, so you can be easily delivered to Chechnya, and you know perfectly well the purpose of 'rear-wheel drive' there,” the newspaper quotes the text of one of the latest threats of Pila, sent from an anonymous e-mail.

According to Shitukhin, according to the findings of the OSCE Moscow branch, the authorities and law enforcement agencies of the republic are purposefully engaged in abductions, torture and murder of gays in Chechnya. "Now it turns out that the Prosecutor General’s Office actually leaked my data to those who can use them to carry out criminal acts against me, including kidnapping and murder," Shitukhin told Novaya Gazeta, noting that he intends to complain about a new threat to the law enforcement agencies.

Shitukhin became known after, according to his complaint, the Chelyabinsk Prosecutor's Office instructed the city Ministry of Internal Affairs to find a local resident Alexander Myslyvts, who had offended the LGBT community in social networks. However, law enforcement officers, according to Shitukhin, could not “establish the identity” of Myslyvts, of which the activist was notified.

Until February 7, 2019, Shitukhin was a student at the Pyatigorsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute (PMPhI), second year, specializing in medical biochemistry. On this day, along with admission to the exam, he received a notice of dismissal in connection with the failure to pass the exam on the subject of “probability theory and mathematical statistics.” Shitukhin himself is confident that the actions of the PMPhI leadership were committed because of the homosexual orientation of public activities in support of the LGBT community. He wrote about this in a statement addressed to the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the North Caucasus Federal District, Sergey Bachurin, with a request to check the legality of his dismissal from the university.



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