Letter which made Putin's hair stand on end

Letter which made Putin's hair stand on end
Roman Uryvaev in court Photo: Irina Dovgal / 161.ru

A court ruling, which shocked Putin, was issued in respect to businessman Uryvaev.

On the Civil Society and Human Rights Development Council meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin was disturbed by Russia's troubled court proceedings. The Head of State was surprised by a court ruling stating that the person has committed a crime by referring to a prosecutor. As Gazeta.ru learned, this refers to a scandal that took place in the Lipetsk Region, when the businessman’s quarrel with the judge ended up with accusations of pedophilia. The quote that the President read out can be found in an open letter describing the situation.

Putin’s outrage at the meeting of the Council was caused by the court ruling, in which the citizen was prosecuted for an appeal to the prosecutor. "These things, when I see them, make my remaining hair stand on end. What is it? Are you out of your minds, or what? It's unbelievable – flared up the President. – In the judgment it is written a certain person "committed a crime by writing a statement to the Lipetsk Regional Prosecutor's Office."

As Gazeta.ru learned, this ruling was delivered by the magistrate court judge Gevorkyan on Lipetsk businessman Vasily Uryvaev. The entrepreneur quarreled with their neighbors: Deputy Chairman of the Lipetsk Regional Court for criminal cases Alexander Besedin and British citizen Shackills, who taught Besedin’s children English language.

According to Novaya Gazeta, the conflict arose because of the land. According to the businessman, Alexander Besedin "cut off" two meters from the site, where Uryvaev Sr. built a house for his son. At the same time, the judge’s wife even wrote a statement to the police claiming that Uryvaev Sr. seized part of their land, and "by grasping [her] hand caused [her] physical pain." In turn, Uryvaev complained of indecent behavior of the judge to the Qualification Board of Judges.

In addition, the businessman also managed to quarrel with the Englishman who lived at Besedin’s: he accused him of stealing construction materials and wrote a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office.

"Uryvaev, says the decision of the magistrate judge Gevorkyan, has committed a crime by writing a statement the Prosecutor's Office of the Lipetsk Region", in which he asked the Prosecutor's Office "to stop the British pig."

According to the portal 161.ru, among other things, Uryvaev accused Besedin of involvement in corruption. "When it transpired that Deputy Prosecutor of the Pravoberezhny District Andrey Astashov had lost his position due to involvement in gambling, Uryvaev learned that Astashov is Besedin’s brother. He wrote to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation and the Presidential Administration. From that moment, according to Uryvaev Sr., the law enforcement system of the Lipetsk Region went to war with his family", wrote the web site 161.ru.

But this whole story which resembles an anecdote ended very tragically. In 2010, Uryvaev’s son was accused of pedophilia. The investigation lasted two years, and in December 2012 the Lipetsk Regional Court sentenced the man to 19 years' imprisonment in a strict regime colony. In total, the during the trial 12 episodes of sexual assault were proven.

The victims in the case were 12 minors (11 girls and one boy); none of the victims identified Uryvaev.

On the outside, Uryvaev Jr. left two children.

The family claimed that Roman was framed due to a conflict with the judge; in addition, he was subjected to severe torture. "The searches of the apartment did not help them. They did not find any pornographic pictures or videos, which are usually "collected" by pedophiles. No biological formal expert examinations were conducted", Vasily Uryvaev said.

On December 18, 2013 the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Court overturned the verdict and sent the case for retrial in the Rostov Regional Court. In Moscow, it was decided that the judges of the Lipetsk Regional Court were not supposed to participate in the proceedings against Uryvaev, because at the time one of the judges had a dispute with Roman’s father. As a result, Uryvaev’s sentence was commuted by two years. After numerous complaints and appeals, including to the HRC, the second cassation in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation reduced Uryvaev’s term to 13 years.

In 2015, Uryvaev Jr.'s mother wrote several letters, including the one to the HRC, as well as personally to Vladimir Putin. It is this letter was cited by the President .

"Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! For the sixth year, we cannot shout loud enough so that the authorities hear us. No matter where we address, no one can stop the Lipetsk "Inhumans" in the uniforms", - was the beginning of the letter which described the essence of the matter.

"Now, I just cannot say, what story is the case in question - said Mikhail Fedotov, the chairman of the HRC to Gazeta.ru. - One of the members of the council gave Putin a letter which he cited."

According to a member of the HRC Pavel Chikov, the letter was handed to Putin by Leonid Nikitinsky, the secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists, but "it does not mean that Uryvaev’s fate will immediately change. Initially, all the letters will be considered in the Presidential Administration by Sergey Kiriyenko, after which the relevant services will be given orders. "



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