Let things rip. Killer of world champion Andrey Drachev wanted all over Khabarovsk region 

Let things rip. Killer of world champion Andrey Drachev wanted all over Khabarovsk region
Suspected of killing Andrey Drachev

Law enforcement authorities of the Khabarovsk region conducted a large-scale search for a suspect in the murder of honoured sportsman - presumably a professional MMA fighter.

August 20 at 7 a.m. the athlete was beaten to death in a fight by an opponent, presumably an MMA fighter, in front of numerous witnesses. The ICR of the Khabarovsk region opened a criminal case under part 4 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Deliberate Infliction of Serious Harm to Health, which caused the death of the victim by negligence).

As a representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the region told RIA Novosti, the all points bulletin (APB) on suspect was spread among the officers of the Road Patrol Service, the patrol and inspection service, as well as in hotels and hostels and transport hubs in Khabarovsk - at stations and at the airport.

According to the APB, the suspect’s name is Anar Alakh Ziranov. However, on his personal page in the social network VKontakte there is another name - Anar Allahveranov (possibly fictitious).


All Points Bulletin

25-year-old suspect is a native of Amursk, but recently resided in Khabarovsk, graduated from the DVGUPS (Far Eastern State Transport University) and professionally practiced martial arts, publishing video with his trainings on the Internet. Judging by accounts in social networks, the murderer of Andrey Drachev practiced in the fight club Master, was a fan of Mike Tyson and honed his "crushing blow."


Practicing in Master club

Meanwhile, the Association of the strongmen of Russia in the Khabarovsk region called the murder of Drachev, who is described as a non-conflict, kind and sympathetic person, unprecedented. General Secretary of the Russian Federation of Powerlifting (FPR) Alevtina Kozeleva is sure that without a reason the sportsman would not have joined the fight - "he either stood up for someone, or someone behaved inadequately".

According to testimony, a company of several people deliberately provoked Drachev to a conflict, offending him several times. In response, he suggested that they calm down and sort out later in the squared circle. However, the instigators of the conflict did not like it. Then the sportsman, having given a T-shirt and a mobile phone to the friend with whom he was in cafe, suggested to fight toe to toe. The video shows how the killer deliberately finishes fallen Drachev with a few blows in the head in the presence of his friends and a security guard of the Gallery club, who does not try to intervene.


Andrey Drachev

The administrator of the Gallery club in the commentary of the radio station Moskva Govorit explained this by saying that the security guard who came out to the noise said that the fight was "toe to toe" and he was warned "not to interfere." Meanwhile, Telegram-channel Mash claims that the reason for the conflict was, allegedly, a dispute about "what is steeper is to buff up or fight in the ring".

Video: Murder of Andrey Drachev



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