Leonid Tibilov's armory 'supermarket' closing?  

Leonid Tibilov's armory 'supermarket' closing?
Acting President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov

Billionaires Mikhail Gutseriev and Arkady Rotenberg, one of the richest former State Duma deputies Alexander Skorobogatko, ex-Head of the Federal Customs Service Andrey Belyaninov, as well as ordinary employees of Rosnano, Russian Railways and Russian banks were awarded with honory weapon for their services to the Republic.

South Ossetia is counting the last ballots, and, according to preliminary data, Anatoly Bibilov wins the presidential elections with a significant advantage of 57.98% of the votes. Acting President of the Republic Leonid Tibilov is so far gaining 30%. With the departure of Tibilov, his brainchild, the weapon 'supermarket' will probably stop working.

Earlier, a source of The CrimeRussia has reported that Leonid Tibilov arms hundreds of people through the republican honory weapons fund, and now lists of holders of honory 'trunks' found themselves in public access. The Glock and Beretta pistols, which should be given exclusively to people who have made a significant contribution to the development of the republic, are given or even sold on an unfathomable scale.

So, the people awarded with the nominal weapon "for services to South Ossetia" feature metallurgical magnate (co-owner of the Ural mining complex) Iskander Makhmudov, billionaires Mikhail Gutseriev and Arkady Rotenberg. The list of 'benefactors' of the Republic also has other Russian entrepreneurs whose field of activities is not specified. The main happy owners of nominal weapons are deputies and officials of the Russian Federation. In particular, the awards were given to one of the richest ex-deputies of the State Duma Alexander Skorobogatko, parliamentarians of the State Duma Mukharbek Aushev and Alexander Tarnaev. Former Head of the FCS Andrey Belyaninov, who resigned in the summer of 2016 after a scandalous search in his undeclared mansion, received weapons for his services to South Ossetia as well. The newly-made owners of nominal pistols feature employees of law enforcement agencies of Russia, civil servants of Kamchatka region and the Moscow Government, as well as ordinary employees of Rosnano, Russian Railways and Russian banks. All of them allegedly made a significant contribution to the development of the republic.

The Government of South Ossetia does not report on which exactly benefits the recipients have showered the republic with. In particular, it is difficult to imagine what merits for the people of the Republic a criminal person, ex-KGB officer Eduard Budantsev has. Meanwhile, Budantsev, who organized the shooting in Rochdelskaya Street in the center of Moscow in 2015, fired at the staff of Shakro Molodoy from Beretta-92 pistol. This weapon Budantsev received as a reward from the President of South Ossetia.

As a source told The CrimeRussia, in fact, the honory weapons fund of South Ossetia is a corruption machine. According to our source, the criminal scheme was invented in 2012. Minister of the republic’s MIA Akhsar Lavoev together with head of the personal guard of Leonid Tibilov Valeriy Bikoyev (Biko) equips with Glock and Beretta pistols everyone who can pay a considerable sum for this. According to the source, Lavoev and Biko organized both a channel of sale of weapons and a channel of its acquisition on the ‘black market’ in Georgia. Weapons are imported illegally into South Ossetia, and then they are registered as seized or voluntarily issued by the citizens of the republic.

In addition, Leonid Tibilov promotes the legalization of rare and hard-to-find copies of pistols. That is, the rewarded themselves provide the brand and numbers of their illegal ‘trunks’. These weapons are also registered in documents as a reward. The illegal business is flourishing, the total quantity of goods sold is already approaching 1000 units, and the income from it at the most underestimated estimates hovers around $100 million.

Obviously, now the ‘arms syndicate’ will not work for long. And he still incumbent president and his network will lose their lucrative business. At least, now everything says about the fact that Tibilov will not win the next presidential term.




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