Lenkom director caused a mess by driving along walkway 

Lenkom director caused a mess by driving along walkway

A driver of Lenkom director has been fined for driving along the sidewalk; video of the violation and a beef with a pedestrian has hit the web.

According to the Moscow State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, the driver of Lenkom theater Director Mark Varshaev has been fined 2 thousand rubles for driving along the sidewalk outside the theater building.

It is known that the violation has been spotted by a vigilant pedestrian. The young man was walking down the sidewalk and saw a Land Cruiser standing on the footpath; he made a remark, but received a rude response from the driver. The pedestrian shot the verbal argument on video and posted it on the Web.

According to the police, the Land Cruiser parked on the sidewalk belonged to Theater Director Mark Varshaev. However, it was not the Lenkom theater director who was at the car's wheel, but his personal driver.

After the incident went public, theater's Artistic Director Mark Zakharov tried to smooth things over by attributing the car's position on the walkway to the fact the theater does not have its own parking.

"When returning to the theater from a tour and having to unload the scenery, or when film television comes for shooting, the cars have to park on the sidewalk," Zakharov said. In his opinion, this fact is an excuse for the driver parking on the pedestrian walkway.

Meanwhile, law enforcement authorities have fined the driver of the director's jeep 2 thousand rubles, drawing up an administrative report against him. Yesterday, February 10, he was summoned to the traffic police administration to provide explanations for the incident.

Video: Lenkom Theater director attacks pedestrian on Land Cruiser yelling "I'll find you, jerk!"



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