Leningrad Criminal Investigation Operatives suspected of kidnapping

Leningrad Criminal Investigation Operatives suspected of kidnapping

Vsevolozhsk District Police Department has long been in the St. Petersburg Chief Directorate’s black book.

The Investigative Committee officers in the Leningrad Region are conducting a check against two detectives of Vsevolozhsk District in connection with the criminal case on the fact of kidnapping.

In late November, the 128th police station in Vsevolozhsk was raided, reported RIA Novosti, citing a source in law enforcement bodies of the Leningrad Region.

It was reported that members of the ICR Main Investigative Directorate in St. Petersburg were looking for evidence in the case of kidnapping, instituted under Article 126 of the Criminal Code (abduction). The investigators’ particular attention was attracted to a register book, said the St. Petersburg’s 47News.

It is known that the investigative activities in Vsevolozhsk started after a claim by a local resident, who was arrested for drug possession on November 24.

The ICR has information that a large group of suspects, among whom were two policemen, participated in the kidnapping.

In late November, a man suspected of drug possession was taken to the Police Department of Vsevolozhsk District. After the inspection, he was charged with an administrative offense of hooliganism. Having gotten out from the Department after a few hours, the man disappeared. Later, it transpired that several men had forced him into a car and took to St. Petersburg.

The victim told the law enforcers that after the beating he was forced to give all the money he had, and then was released. Almost immediately after that, he went to the police and submitted a complaint. Soon, the two operatives of Vsevolozhsk Department were detained, questioned and released on bail.

According to the 47news, the reputation of both suspects is quite a tarnished one. One was about to get dismissed for numerous violations at work and having learnt of this a month ago, he took a sick leave. The other officer had previously been penalized for service incompetence.

Earlier, the two Vsevolozhsk District police officers had been dismissed. The press service of the MIA for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region reported that the order on the official inspection in Vsevolozhsk MIA was given by the Head of the Chief Directorate.



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