Lawyer tells about Badri Shengelia’s numerous ill-wishers

Lawyer tells about Badri Shengelia’s numerous ill-wishers
The car of the deceased Shengelia

According to a lawyer, who knew the businessman, the latter rarely drove himself, especially without security.

Lawyer Sergey Afanasyev commented on the death of well-known businessman Badri Shengelia in the Leningrad Region, the TV channel 78 reported.

The lawyer personally knew with the businessman, who was associated with the crime circles, and said that Shengelia rarely got behind the wheel, and even less often traveled without security guards. This was due to the fact that the entrepreneur had a lot of ill-wishers. Given this fact, it will not be easy to establish the contractors and perpetrators of the murder, Afanasyev said.

It is to be recalled that Badri Shengelia's car with numerous bullet holes was found in the ditch near the Novoprioserskoye Highway in the Leningrad Region. At least six shots were fired at the car, and the businessman himself got half of his head shot off.

At the moment, law enforcement officers clarify all the circumstances of the incident.

Shengelia testified in 2007 against the ‘night governor’ of  St. Petersburg and allegedly the founder of the Tambovskaya OCG, Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin). Shengelia told the investigators about how he personally heard Kumarin giving orders about seizures and murders.

Recently, Shengelia’s name surfaced again in connection with the case of Colonel Mikhail Maksimenko. In particular, in February this year in the Moscow City Court, he stated that he had been communicating with the head of the interdepartmental cooperation and internal security department of the ICR, Mikhail Maksimenko, since 2007.



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