Lawyer on Khachaturian sisters’ motives

Lawyer on Khachaturian sisters’ motives
Mikhail Khachaturian

According to Olga Halikova, the lawyer representing the injured party, the girls could have been petrified of punishment for spending too much money. The victims’ defense also intends to challenge Maria Khachaturian’s insanity conclusion.

Lawyers representing the relatives of Mikhail Khachaturian, whom his daughters Maria, Krestina and Angelina are alleged to have killed, believe that the man could have been murdered for money.

The victims’ lawyer Olga Halikova told reporters that the girls could have slayed their father for fear of punishment. The case file contains a text conversation of the girls before the crime, which shows that Khachaturian was going to get a transaction history on their Sberbank card. The sisters must have been scared that they would be punished for spending too much money, says Halikova. She also noted that Khachaturian was planning to buy a car for Krestina and had a large sum of money.

The lawyers for the victims also noted that Maria Khachaturian’s insanity is a lie. The girl was diagnosed with an “ill-treatment syndrome”. “A diagnosis should be made with the participation of a psychologist teacher. No such psychologist teacher was present at the first interrogation. Maria is well-developed intellectually, she has a lot of friends. She’s sociable; no pathologies characteristic of such syndrome were found,” said the lawyer of the victims, Georgy Chuguashvili.

According to him, the injured party will petition for a re-examination.

“We’ll be insisting on another psychological and sexological-psychiatric examination; we argue that she was aware of what was happening,” the lawyer said.

“We are still in shock from what happened and how it was portrayed. 99% of the information in the media is a lie. We don’t understand why my uncle, who was killed, should be insulted like that,” Arsen Khachaturian, Mikhail’s nephew, said at a press conference.

According to him, Mikhail was a strict father to his daughters "not for nothing, but for a mess in the apartment," because "they would be someone’s wives one day."

“The authorities studied all the circumstances of the case, including the motive of the crime. If the Investigative Committee did not establish that as a motive, then there was no such motive,” said Krestina’s lawyer, Aleksey Liptser, commenting on the assumption that the financial issue could have been the motive for the murder.

According to the lawyer, there is no need for a second psychological or psychiatric examination. “They can ask for that and give their reasons why this is necessary. But personally, we do not see any need and there are no arguments that would indicate that the examination was illegal,” he added.

Maria, Krestina and Angelina Khachaturian were detained in the summer of 2018 on suspicion of killing their father. The body of Mikhail Khachaturian was found on the staircase of their building on Altufevskoe highway. The girls are accused of homicide committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy (item (g), part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). They were arrested, but eventually the custody was replaced with a ban on the commission of certain acts, such as the use of mobile communications and the Internet.

In the summer of 2019, Maria Khachaturian was recognized as insane; the charges against her were severed from those against her sisters.

The lawyers of the sisters argue that the girls had been abused by their father for years and their actions should be regarded as necessary self-defense.

The lawyers say that Khachaturian had beaten his daughters, abused them sexually and shot at them with an air gun. He did not allow the girls to leave home without his permission and installed cameras at the apartment door to control them. In addition, Khachaturian forbade the girls to use the words “salt”, “pain” and “lump” for some reason. The man’s relatives claim that he did not torture his daughters, but only tried to raise them "in accordance with the patriarchal canons."

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