Lawyer of historian who killed graduate student expresses his opinion about client’s rescue from Moika River

Lawyer of historian who killed graduate student expresses his opinion about client’s rescue from Moika River

Several clients refused the defender’s services because of the case of historian Sokolov.

The lawyer of historian Oleg Sokolov, who is accused of murdering the St. Petersburg State University graduate student Anastasia Yeshenko, said that God's judgement has already been delivered against his client. The lawyer interpreted the rescue of the historian who drowned in Moika as a sign from above, and then complained of a deteriorating attitude towards himself because of Sokolov’s protection, Life reports. 

“The man spent 40 minutes in ice water! <...> He could drown or die from hypothermia. The Lord kept him alive so that he enjoyed the right to protection, which we are actively implementing,” lawyer Alexander Pochuev said. 

According to the lawyer, “now, the whole mechanism of the state, the media and society is directed” against Sokolov. He noted that the society is putting pressure on him: because of the given case, several clients refused to use the defender’s services, while his family members ask unpleasant questions.

“Of course, this whole story gives me goosebumps, but, at the same time, every person has rights that I, as a lawyer, must defend,” Pochuev emphasized. 

The lawyer said that Sokolov could have committed murder in the heat of passion. The defender “does not exclude the version of slander and other versions, even mystical ones.”

It is to be recalled that associate professor of the SPSU Oleg Sokolov was arrested on November 11 on charges of murder. The university promised to dismiss the employee after a bloodied saw and a dismembered body of his 24-year-old girlfriend, Sokolov’s former student, were found in his apartment. Other ex-students of the historian said that Sokolov had a weak spot for young girls – he supposedly even assessed them automatically, provided that the students came to the exam in short skirts.

Last year, a girl who identified herself as Sokolov’s former student anonymously told the media about the threats of reprisal from the historian, with whom she wanted to break up her romantic relationship. The university leadership ignored the message, as did complaints about plagiarism in Sokolov's scientific work.



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