Lawyer calls Kirill Kokorin stupid

Lawyer calls Kirill Kokorin stupid
Kirill Kokorin

Earlier, the court extended the custody terms of Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev.

Kirill Kokorin’s lawyer Vyacheslav Barik asked the court to release the young man from custody, explaining the hooliganism he had committed by the silliness of his tender years. According to the lawyer, Kokorin Jr. has gone through enough for his age, Izvestia reports.

“How he (Kirill Kokorin - Ed.) can influence the investigator or witnesses, I do not understand. Of course, he is strong as well, but more stupid,” said Barik at the court hearing on the extension of his arrest.

The defendant himself pleaded partially guilty and stated that he and his brother had been inside enough. The court extended their custody term until February 8, that is, for another two months. The judge made the same decision regarding the other defendants: Alexander Kokorin, Alexander Protasovitsky and Pavel Mamaev.



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