Lawmaker Roman Khudyakov accused of illegal takeover while meeting with voters

Lawmaker Roman Khudyakov accused of illegal takeover while meeting with voters
Roman Khudyakov

A businessman, who lost his assets, has accused the lawmaker of taking bribes and illegal takeover of the beach on the Klyazma reservoir.

A sitting member of the State Duma from the Liberal Democratic Party and the candidate from the Rodina party Roman Khudyakov asked the Russian Prosecutor General's Office for clarification. According to Kommersant, Khudyakov claims that he does not understand what kind of issue is in question and learned about it only at a meeting with voters in the town of Rasskazovo, Tambov Region. In turn, the people read about the corruption scandal involving the LDPR member in the press.

It turned out that a businessman Pavel Khoroshavin, who owns a beach in the Gorki recreation area at the Klyazma reservoir in the Moscow Region through the Rusbiznespartner company, filed a complaint against the lawmaker to the Russian Investigative Committee. The businessman claimed that Khudyakov was a so-called ‘problem-solver,’ who caused him to lose his business three months ago. A group of policemen were having a party on the beach, after which they demanded to see Khoroshavin’s license for the sale of alcohol and the documents confirming the right to use the land. The businessman had none of those. The beach area was then occupied by armed men in camouflage, and Khoroshavin could no longer manage his property. Moreover, the "invaders" (as Khoroshavin called them) took full control of the money flow. This led the businessman to the idea that the whole story with the banquet was part of a raider attack. More so because previously Khoroshavin had refused to pay Khudyakov for his political campaign.

The entrepreneur had complicated relations with the lawmaker. It was not the first time that Khoroshavin had his business taken away from him. Back in 2011, his former company Grand Hall, which was also engaged in the beach business, was defended from illegal takeover for 250.000 rubles by the chief of Internal Security Department of the MIA for the Central District of Moscow Andrey Krasnoperov. Subsequently, the defender increased his appetite. In 2013, Khoroshavin was forced to include Krasnoperov’s brother, Alexander, in the list of founders, giving him one-third of revenue.

In 2013-2014, the businessman claims to have given the police about 2 million rubles, and "worked quietly" all that time, until the court deprived Grand Hall from the right to use Gorki, at the request of the Federal Antimonopoly Service.

When establishing a new company, Rusbiznespartner, Khoroshavin decided to safeguard himself by taking a State Duma member from the LDPR Roman Khudyakov as his assistant. Then he declined the services of his former patrons. Moreover, the businessmen wrote a statement about the extortion to the RF IC and the Federal Security Service (FSB). For even greater reliability, they turned to the lawmaker himself. After a while, Khudyakov told the owners of the beach that all issues with Krasnoperov had been settled and nobody would harm their business, but it would cost money.

Khoroshavina claims that he gave Khudyakov the first part of the sum in the amount of 2 million rubles in the late summer of last year. At the time, the politician needed money for the election of the governor of the Tambov Region. Earlier this summer, Khudyakov once again turned to Khoroshavin, requesting to provide financial support for his campaign to the State Duma. But this time, the entrepreneur allegedly refused the lawmaker, thus losing his business.

In response to Khoroshavin’s complaint, the investigators arrested Andrey Krasnoperov. He is accused of mediation in bribery on a considerable scale (part 4 of art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code). For the time being, the RF IC has no claim to Khudyakov.

The lawmaker himself argues that he knows neither the applicant, nor other defendants in the criminal case. His mention in the context of the present case is staged by competitors and is nothing but political strife.

It is worth noting that a similar story happened before with another lawmaker, a communist and a member of the State Duma committee on security and the fight against corruption Denis Voronenkov. In April 2015, the RF IC demanded to deprive him of parliamentary immunity in connection with the criminal case of fraud. The law enforcement was tracking Voronenkov since as early as 2011, when a businessman turned to the RF IC Main Investigative Department, who said that he had his building stolen on the Mezhdunarodnaya Street, with a total area of ​​1.5 thousand sq. m. As the RF IC spokesman Vladimir Markin then stated, Voronenkov headed a criminal group, which "forged documents and stole the building worth 127 million rubles" that belonged to the Toma Limited Liability Company.

According to investigators, the communist lawmaker found a buyer, Vitaly Katchura, who wanted to purchase the premise for $ 2 million instead of $ 5 million, and gave Voronenkov 100.000 USD in an advance. In November 2015, it was reported that the lawmaker would try to hide from prosecution abroad. But then everything went quiet, and now Denis Voronenkov is actively meeting with voters in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, planning to get into the State Duma of a new convocation.



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